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Meggison Chiropractic

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“Do I have a Slipped Disc?”

Nope. Because of the attachment of the discs to the spinal bones via something called Sharpey’s fibers a “slipped disc” is an anatomical impossibility. Well, what can happen to a disc? you might ask. It would help if we review a little anatomy first. The disc is a specialized type of cartilage that sits between…

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“Feel” vs. “Function”

“Take this drug, you’ll feel better” “How do you feel about that”? “I feel your pain” How did our culture get so wrapped up in feelings? It’s a national obsession. Don’t get me wrong, I want to feel good. I want all of us to feel good. But… Is how you feel the best indicator…

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“Do I have Carpal Tunnel?”

The short answer is yes, you have two of them. Everyone does. The real question is “Do I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”? A subtle, but important distinction. Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a painful condition in which the Median nerve is irritated as it passes through the tunnel in the wrist. This tunnel is made up…

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